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Your tax deductible donation is a significant contribution toward the preservation of the magnificent natural landscapes of Southern California.

We need your support - it's that simple.  Foundation grants provide some funding for specific projects, but generally not for the expenses of running the League itself.  Funding is needed for the basic costs of doing business - everything from travel, phone bills and legal help to printing, postage, and insurance.

Your donations can help.  No amount is too small.  Your gifts contribute to the preservation of wildlife habitat, the curbing of urban sprawl, and the development and implementation of environmentally friendly land use policies.

Your donations are processed through a secure network, including the option to make your donations anonymously, or to do so in honor of another.  If you would like to join our membership, you will be given the option of providing your contact information.  In any event, EHL will not give you name or information to anyone else, ever.


We thank you for your interest and consideration, and look forward to sharing in this vital work with you.